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Anne Dudley

March 20, 1612
Northampton, England
September 16, 1672
Andover, Massachusetts
Thomas Dudley

Dorothy York(e)
Brothers and Sisters:
Samuel Dudley
Patience Dudley
Sarah Dudley
Mercy Dudley
Simon Bradstreet
m. 1628
Sempringham, England
Sarah Bradstreet
Hannah Bradstreet
Samuel Bradstreet
Mercy Bradstreet
Dudley Bradstreet
John Bradstreet
Dorothy Bradstreet
Anne Bradstreet
Elizabeth Bradstreet
Simon Bradstreet

Additional Information:
Anne Dudley Bradstreet was called the "First American Poetess".

"If we judge her by her own work, we must discover that her longer, more public works evidence her piety, filial duty, feminism, and interest in and wide reading of history, natural science, and literature; the personal lyrics, along with these public poems, reveal the sincerity of her passion for her husband and her concern for her children. But we also see a charming and very human woman who loves her tables and trunks and chests, allows her sometimes excessive humility to turn into feministic irony, and through her dread of dying in childbirth lets us see that her deeper fear is a jealous one that her husband might remarry."

--From An Introduction to "The Poetry of Anne Bradstreet," by Jeannine Hensley.

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