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Having given some incidents as connected with the "Arnold family" of a former generation, I now proceed to give such facts connected with the present generation as may present themselves to my mind, being reminded that this sketch is simply, and in an informal way, intended to preserve in memory the dates of birth and deaths and other facts of family history as may be thought to be of general interest to the generations following. I will commence now, in regular order, to give a brief outline of the history of the descendants of William Arnold, Sr., who died February 11, 1875 at Greenville, Ohio.



Noah Arnold, son of William and Elizabeth [Townsend] Arnold, was born in Warren county, Ohio, February 6, 1816, and was six weeks old when his father moved to Darke county, Ohio. He was raised on the farm, enjoying only a common school education, which, though meager, enabled him, at the age of 19 years, to engage in teaching school in the winter season and working on the farm in the summer. He is favorably mentioned in the history of Darke county as one of the pioneer teachers of the county and as doing good work. At about the age of twenty-three he left the farm and engaged, in February, 1839, in the dry goods business, in Greenville, and continued in that business until 1848. In September, 1839, he was married to Emilia Stingley, of German township. In 1843 he sold his dry goods business and bought a farm of 240 acres in Neave township, Darke county, on which he moved in September of the same year, and on which he has lived continuously up to the present time. His farm is under a high state of cultivation, with fine improvements, that are equal to any in the county. He has lived to see log cabins and log school houses give way to good, substantial dwelling houses and fine brick school houses all over the county, and the pathway through the woods to good gravel roads. He has encouraged and aided in all impulses that have helped to improve the county; has acted as Justice of the Peace 21 years. He was one of the charter members of the Farmers' National Bank, at Greenville, which was organized in 1864, and is now one of the directors had has been a stockholder since its organization.

Emilia, wife of Noah Arnold, died in 1848. They had four children, to-wit: Isaac N., born 1840, now deceased; Mary Jane, now the wife of H.N. Arnold, a merchant in Greenville; Effa A., now the wife of L.E. Chenoweth, an attorney at Greenville; George Arnold, married to Ella Taylor, now living on the old homestead farm.

Noah Arnold was married again in 1850, to Martha [Banfield Birely] Laurimore. They are living in their old home. They have one daughter, Margaret Ella A., now the wife of W.H.H. McCool, a merchant of Jaysville, Ohio. Martha Arnold, born 1813, wife of Noah Arnold, is one of the oldest citizens. Her father, Hugh Laurimore, moved to Darke county with his family in 1817, and settled in the Arnold neighborhood, right in the forest, Martha then being about four years old. She has lived in the same neighborhood ever since. Mr. Arnold and his wife have both lived near the same place and attended the same school, and have been acquainted as long as they can remember - now about seventy years.

Besides aiding his children liberally, he has accumulated considerable property, his wealth at the present time being estimated at $40,000. The farm adjoining Jaysville being one of the finest and most desirable in the county, with ample buildings and conveniences, everything being well managed and in a fine condition. He is known as a very successful farmer.

Isaac N. Arnold, son of Noah and Emilia [Stingley] Arnold, was born in Greenville, Darke county, Ohio, June 7, 1840. He was educated mainly at the common schools of the country and by attending select schools and in this manner he obtained a pretty good education. While attending one of these select schools, in 1861, he enlisted in Co. E, 69th Ohio Volunteers, in the war of Rebellion for three years, served two years and then re-enlisted as a veteran. He started with Sherman on this "march to the sea". At Atlanta, Georgia, he lost his left arm, it being shattered by a piece of shell, which terminated his military services after serving four years. He was in the battle of Stone River and participated in all the engagements from there to Atlanta. After the war was over, he went to Washington City and obtained a position in the Treasury Department, which he filled for fourteen years, and until his death, on October 12, 1880. While at Washington he attended Columbian Law College and graduated with honor. He was a man of strictly moral and religious habits. He left his only brother, George, his pocket-bible, which he carried all through the war. While in Washington he married a widow by the name of Laura S. McConnell, who survives him and is still in Washington. He died at his old home, at his father's house, and was buried in the family lot at Abbotsville cemetery. The small bible referred to is still in the possession of his brother George, and is especially prized keepsake. On the fly leaf is a memorandum: "this book was given my by the Christian Commission, at Murfreesborough, Tennessee, May 5, 1863, while I was a member of Co. E, 69th Reg., Ohio Volunteers. I carried it with me from that time until my discharge, April 13, 1865, participating in the battle of Chicamuaga, Mission Ridge, Resaca, New Hope Church, Kenesaw Mountain, Smyrna Camp Ground, Peach Tree Creek and Atlanta." [Signed] I.N. Arnold.

Mary Jane Arnold, daughter of Noah and Emilia [Stingley] Arnold, was born in Greenville, Darke county, Ohio, February 22, 1842. In her early life she attended Delaware Female College, where she obtained a fair education, and afterward taught school several terms. She was married October 17, 1866, to Harvey N. Arnold, a merchant of Greenville, who had been a volunteer soldier in the 94th O.V., and served three years, but after the war went to merchandising, which he still follows in Greenville, where they live and have one son, Eddy Arnold.

Effy A. Arnold, daughter of Noah and Emilia [Stingley] Arnold, was born in Neave township, Darke county, Ohio, January 28, 1842. She obtained a fairly good education by attending the common schools of the county. She was married to L.E. Chenoweth, on July 3, 1867. Mr. Chenoweth was a son of one of the early settlers of Darke county. He was a member of Co. E, 69th O.V., and went through the war without a wound. He is now a practicing attorney in Greenville, with an extensive practice. They have two children, Milly and James.

George, son of Noah and Emilia [Stingley] Arnold, was born in Neave township, Darke county, Ohio, October 10, 1846. He had a fairly good education, which he obtained mostly at common public schools and at Delaware College about two years. He was brought up to farming. Upon the call for more men during the war, in 1864, he went out with his company and regiment, 152nd O.V., for 100 days, though not eighteen years old when discharged. He went with his regiment through Virginia to near Lynchburg and back. He was married to Ellen August Taylor in Omaha, Nebraska, August 13, 1868. They have one daughter, Blanche. George engaged in Post tradership at Fort Laramie, and afterwards in the cattle business; but his health failing he had to abandon that business and return home and live on the home farm, where he and his wife and daughter are now living. The town of Arnold, Custer county, Neb., was named for him, he at that time having a cattle ranch at that place.

Margaret Ellen, daughter of Noah and Martha [Laurimore] Arnold, was born in Neave township, Darke county, Ohio, December 5, 1851. She obtained her education by attending home school until she was about twelve years old, when she attend the Greenville graded school about four years. She afterwards taught school several terms with success. She married W.H.H. McCool, March 4, 1875. Mr. McCool was an Ohio veteran and served during the war, having at one time been a prisoner in the celebrated Libby prison. They have one daughter, Lucy, and live at Jaysville, Ohio , where he does a general country store business and acts in a double capacity as postmaster and freight agent.


It is a rather remarkable fact that the sons of William Arnold, seven in number, all became merchants but Isaac, he being engaged in the milling business which may be called a branch of merchandising. Noah was a merchant for several years in Greenville, Ohio, but sold out and bought a farm at Jaysville, Darke county, Ohio, where he now resides. His farm of 240 acres is one of the finest in that county, with ample buildings and turn-pike roads on two sides, there being five roads uniting at that point and all graveled. The farm is in a high state of cultivation, with about two hundred acres cleared and the balance finely timbered. The bank barn and the adjacent cattle sheds are very commodious. There are other facts connected with the business career of the family, and it is a pleasant fact that not one of them failed or compromised with his creditors. William, the fourth son, was temporarily embarrassed for a time and suspended, but every dollar was afterwards paid in full. Some of them have done a very large business for several years.



Delilah Arnold, daughter of William Arnold and his wife, Elizabeth, was born November 9, 1812, and was married to William S. Harper, April 5, 1832. To them were born two sons and two daughters. Delilah, after having done her part faithfully through life, died April 1, 1874, aged 60 years and seven months.

Elizabeth Harper, daughter of William S. Harper and his wife, Delilah, was born March 20, 1933; was married to Thos. W.Culbertson, November 26, 1857. There were born to them six sons and one daughter, Frank, Eddy, Charles, William, Harry and Cora Bell.

William Marion Harper, son of William S. Harper and his wife, Delilah, was born October 30, 1835; was married to Helen M. Angel, November 13, 1861. Helen died November 11, 1877. He was married to his second wife, Vicie C. Barnhiser, August 4, 1886. He has two sons, William Angel and Harley. Both are married.

John Harper, son of William S. Harper and his wife, Delilah, was born November 9, 1837; was married to Priscella Miesse, October 2, 1862. To them were born one daughter and one son, Mary Bell and Charles. The former is married.

Sarah Catherine, youngest daughter of William S. Harper and his wife, Delilah, was born April 30, 1840. She was a sensible, fun-loving girl - was the pet of the family - and departed this life August 17, 1851, aged 11 years, 3 months and 17 days.

The descendants of Delilah A. Harper and her husband, including W.H. Culbertson, who was killed by accidental discharge of a target gun, are four children, eleven grand-children and six great-grand-children. The grand-father, William S. Harper, is now about seventy-nine years of age and in the enjoyment of good health. He and all his family are living in and near Greenville, Ohio.

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