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State of Ohio, County of Prebble, SS:

In the matter of Pension Claim No. 617033 of Widow Alfred Focht late of Company F. 131st Regiment Ohio Inft. Vols.

On this 19 day of March 1903, before me, a Justice of the Peace within and for the County and State afoesaid, personally appeared William Gazell, age 60 years, whose post office address is Gratis County of Prebble, State of Ohio, well known to me to be reputable and entitled to credit, and who, being duly sworn according to law, upon his oath declares, that he was late a member of Co. F., 131st Regt., Ohio Inft. Vols., and was a bunkmate of Alfred Focht who was also a member of the same Co. That when he enlisted he was in sound bodily health and free from disease. That while in said service & line of duty at Fort Federal Hill at Baltimore Md., about the last of July or first of August 1864, from bad diet and malaria he became sick with some kind of stomach trouble & dysentery, and looked bad and was yellow & thin in flesh, and had a cough. He was off duty for a week at a time. I do not remember whether he was in hospital or not. I know he was in bad condition at the time we started home about Aug. 19, 1864. He was in bad shape coming home and while we laid at Columbus O. for over a week before being discharged. We came from there to Farmersville, Ohio together. He was looking bad and was pale and sallow and still had a bad cough when he got home. I saw him soon after and on an average of once a week from that time until he died Sept. 9th 1873, and his cough continued and he was never well, was emaciated and sallow. In May 1873 he took his bed and continued to grow worse until he died. I believe his death was due to the disease of stomach & bowels. The physician Dr. Sayler who treated him said his disease was of stomach & liver. Dr. Sayler is now deceased.

William Gazell

Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 19 day of March, 1903, and I certify that the contents of the foregoing affidavit were duly read and fully made known to affiants before making oath to the same, and that I have no interest in this matter.

C. L. DeWitt
Justice of the Peace

My Cerf. filed in pension office

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