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State of Ohio, County of Preble S.S.

In the pension claim, No. 617033 of Lavina Mullen, widow of Alfred Focht, late Priv. in Co. F. of the 131 Reg't of Ohio Vols., personally appeared before me a notary Public in the aforesaid county duly authorized to adminster oaths Eli H. Morris, age 59 years, a resident of Gratis in the county of Preble in the State of Ohio, who being duly sworn according to law; states that he was a private Co. F. of the 131 Reg't of Ohio Vols.

And affiant says that he well knew the said Alfred Focht during all or nearly all his natural life; that he knew him when a school boy and up until the time he and affiant enlisted in the army; that up to the time he so enlisted in the army, he never knew of the said Alfred Focht having any physical ailments of any kind and at the time they were mustered into service he appeared and affiant believes that he was a well and healthy young man. That affiant and the said Alfred Focht were closely connected as friends up to and including the time of their enlistment and this affiant does not at this time remember of the said Alfred Focht ever complaining of any ailments of any kind.

That the said Alfred Focht and this affiant were closely connected as comrades in the service from the time they enlisted in May 1864 until they were discharged in August 1864. That during the time they were so connected in the service this affiant well remembers that the health of the said Alfred Focht began to fail him gradually, that he became thin in flesh, that his complexion became bad, turning to a yellowish color with dark spots upon skin, and he was bothered considerable with a cough, that these conditions existed and continued until the time of their discharge at which time the said Alfred Focht was in poor health. It is affiant's belief that the physical conditions that the said Alfred Focht was in at the time of their discharge was brought about and was caused by his service while in the army. That after the said Alfred Focht was mustered out of service until the time of his death he never again became a healthy man, that his ailments continued to grow worse, and was finally the cause of his death, as this affiant believes.

This affiant was informed and believes that the physical ailments that came upon the said Alfred Focht while in the service and which continued until the time of his death was liver trouble, and affiant was informed and believes that the cause of the death of the said Alfred Focht was absesses of the liver, which condition was brought about by his service in the army.

That these facts are personally known to the affiant by reason of his acquaintance with the said Alfred Focht from his boyhood days until they enlisted in the army, and by their close connection together while in the service, being in the same Company and by personal acquaintance with the said Alfred Focht from the time they were discharged from the service to the time of his death.

He further declares that he has no interest in said case, and is not interested or concerned in its prosecution. Post office address of affiant is Gratis, Preble County, Ohio.

Eli. H. Morris

State of Ohio County of Preble S.S.

Sworn to and subscribed to before me this 19th day of July A.D. 1906 by the above named affiant, and I certify that I read said affidavit to said affiant including all the words erased and all the words added, and acquainted him with its contents before he executed the same. I further certify that I am in no wise interested in said case, nor am I concerned in its prosecution; and that said affiant is personally known to me and that he is a credible person.

G. A. Burnett
Notary Public

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