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Joseph G. Allen

June 17, 1837
Snow Camp, North Carolina
October 9, 1909
Albany, Indiana
Simon Allen

Hannah Woody
Brothers and Sisters:
Milton Allen
Franklin Allen
Mary Allen
David Allen
Dinah Allen
Newton Allen
Elizabeth Allen
Rachael Allen
Eunice Allen
Caroline Allen
Hannah Allen
Zeno Allen
George Allen
Julia Allen
Phoebe Jane Dennis
m. March 12, 1862
Nettle Creek, Indiana
Laura May Allen
Emma Allen
Charles B. Allen
Elma Allen
Lennie Allen
Harve H. Allen
Mary Allen
Estelle Allen
Fred O. Allen


Additional Information:
"About the year 1860 he began the study of law, which he continued until a disastrous fire caused a change in his life plans, destroying his books and bringing financial reverses, which made it impossible for him to resume his studies. Being thus turned aside from his natural inclinations, he took up a mechanical line of work, and for many ensuing years engaged in the woolen mill and saw mill business."

--Excerpt from Joseph and Phoebe Allen obituaries.

Allen Family Group Charts, compiled by William Waldo Addington.
Joseph and Phoebe Allen obituaries, by Lennie Allen McNees
Amanda Pegg Johnson Diary, transcribed and indexed by Regina (Focht) Kleinhenz.

Joseph and Phoebe Allen obituaries, by Lennie Allen McNees

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September 3, 1999

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