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Israel Dodge

date unknown
date unknown
Tristram Dodge

Brothers and Sisters:
John Dodge
Tristram Dodge
William Dodge
Margaret Dodge
Ann Dodge
Israel Dodge
John Dodge
Thomas Dodge
William Dodge
Samuel Dodge

Additional Information:
"Freeman, July, 1670, in Block Island. Oct. 1, 1720, Israel Dodge of New London, late of Block Island, sold dand located in Block Island, formerly belonging to his father Tristram, to his brothers John, Tristram and William of Block Island. He was on a farm in North Parish (Montville), New London, Conn., in 1694. In 1705 the Queen's Court reported him settled there on Indian Fields. As the New London records were burned by Benedict Arnold Sep. 6, 1781, it is difficult to give dates concerning his family. . . . He appears to have disposed of all his real estate before his death. In 1707 he bought land in Montville of Samuel Rogers. In 1719 he and wife Hannah gave his son John a part of this land. In 1725 John sells same land to his brother Israel for 40 pounds. Israel Sr. gave some of this land to his sons William and Samuel, and they sell sixteen acres of it in 1725 to their brothyer Israel. In 1727 Israel Sr. gives more of this land to son Samuel, 'all of his own farm except improved part,' latter to fall to Samuel when Israel Sr. and wife die. In 1722 Israel gave some of this Montville land to son Thomas, 'near John's portion,' deed made out at Norwich. In 1724 Israel gives son Israel more of this land. In 1730 Samuel Dodge sells land in Montville 'where Israel Dodge now lives' (probably brother Israel) to Gideon Comstock for 42 pounds, and this was doubtless after the death of his father and mother when the homestead had fallen to him, 'said land beginning at the highway that goes to Colchester.' "

-- from "Dodge Genealogy -- Descendants of Tristram Dodge," by Theron Royal Woodward.

"Dodge Genealogy -- Descendants of Tristram Dodge," by Theron Royal Woodward.

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15 September 1999

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