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General Affidavit.


In the matter of the Claim for Pension No. -- of Bert Focht Son of Alfred C. Focht, Late of Company --, Regiment -- Volunteers. On this 9th day of August 1895, personally came before me a Notary Public in and for said County and State, W. S. Sayler, who being duly sworn, states as follows:

I am aged 48 years, and a Citizen of the County of Preble and State of Ohio and that my Post-Office address is Gratis, Preble Co., Ohio.

This is to certify that I was acquainted with Mr. Alfred C. Focht for a number of years before his death, and during his last sickness in the summer of 1873. I visited him quite often, in fact, and I helped to care for him a number of nights, he was sick from early spring until fall. He became greatly emaciated before his death. I was not a Physician at the time of Mr. Focht's sickness and death, but while I was a student in the office of my brother Dr. William Sayler (who is now dead). We had frequent talks about Mr. Focht's case, and my brother always told me that he diagnosed the case absess of the liver. (There was no autopsy.)

Mr. Focht left a wife and four small children, two boys and two girls.

I knew Mrs. Focht when she was a young girl, and to my certain knowledge she was not married before she married Mr. Focht, and the only children she ever had were the four above mentioned.

He died September 9th 1873. I wrote this my self without being prompted or dictated to either orally or in writing by anyone. I further decalare that I have no interest in said case, and am not concerned in its prosecution.

W. S. Sayler M.D.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this day by the above-named affiant; and I certify that I read said affidavit to said affiant, and acquainted him with its contents before he executed the same. I further certify that I am in no wise interested in said case, nor am I concerned in its prosecution; and that said affiant is personally known to me; he is a credible person, and so reputed in the community in which he resides.

Witness my hand and official seal this 9th day of Augurst , 1895.

Wm. Bookwalter
Notary Public

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