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Thomas Dennis

North Carolina
September 4, 1839
Nettle Creek, Indiana
Elizabeth Wilson
m. 1814
North Carolina
Malinda Dennis
Elizabeth Dennis
Branson Dennis
Wilson Dennis
Lucinda Dennis
Cynthia Dennis
Lindsey Dennis
Miriam Dennis
Thomas Dennis
Samuel Dennis

Additional Information:
Family moved from North Carolina to Indiana in 1822.

"Young Thomas Dennis set forth with his young family in his wagon drawn by four horses, and slowly made his way over hill and dale, toward the great North West, the land of promises, the land that flows with milk and honey -- providing you work hard enough for it, and after a six weeks journey arrived in the vicinity of Dublin; but the wolves were so numerous and so troublesome in that vicinity, that he moved over to the neighborhood of Economy."
--From A Little Family History by Alpheus L. Baldwin. For the complete text, click here.

A Little Family History by Alpheus L. Baldwin.
Allen Family Group Charts, compiled by William Waldo Addington.

Branson Dennis and Elma Reynolds marriage certificate
A Little Family History by Alpheus L. Baldwin.

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September 3, 1999

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