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Marriage Certificate of Branson Dennis and Elma Reynolds -- May 20, 1840

WHEREAS, Branson Dennis of Springfield Monthly Meeting of Friends in the County of Wayne in the State of Indiana; son of Thomas Dennis (Deceased) of the same place, and Elizabeth his wife; and Elma Reynolds Daughter of Job Reynolds of New Garden Monthly Meeting of Friends; and Phebe his wife having declared their intention of Marriage, with each other, before a monthly meeting of the Religious Society of friends held at New Garden; and having consents of parents, their proposals of marriage were allowed by said meeting.

These are to certify whom it may concern, that the full accomplishment of their said intentions this the Twentieth day of the Fifth Month in the year of our Lord, one thousand Eight hundred and forty, they, the said Branson Dennis and Elma Reynolds appeared in a public meeting of the said people held at Newport; and the said Branson Dennis, taking the said Elma Reynolds by the hand, declared that he took her, the said Elma Reynolds to be his wife, Promising with divine assistance, to be unto her a loving and faithful Husband, until Death should separate them; and then she said Elma Reynolds did in like manner declare that she took him, the said Branson Dennis, to be her husband, promising, with divine assistance, to be unto him a loving and faithful wife, until Death should separate them.

And moreover, they the said Branson Dennis and Elma Reynolds (she according to custom of Marriage adopting the name of the Husband) did as further confirmation thereof, then and there, to these presents set their hands

Branson Dennis
Elma Denis (sic)

And we whose names are also hereunto Subscribed, being present at the solemnization of the said Marriage have, as witnesses thereto, set our hands the day and year above written


Isaac Reynolds
Leni Jessop
Daniel Puckett
C. Serley
John Bishop
Zeno Reynolds
David Reynolds
Jesse Reynolds


Bulia Puckett
Rohda Nixon
Mariam Clayton
Emily Jane Nixon
Martha Ann Nixon
Hannah Reynolds
Eliza (?) Reynolds
Levinia Reynolds


Margaret Reynolds
Jesse (?) Hiatt
Elizabeth Mills
Edith Osborn
Abigail Fellow
Parker B. Osborn
Samuel Coffin
Jacob Hockett


Job Reynolds
Phebe Reynolds
Francis Reynolds
Elizabeth Dennis
Cynthia Dennis
Wilson Dennis
Margaret Reynolds


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