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The following are details from Rowland Cotton's Military service, taken from Edith Clemens' DAR application and Department of Interior Revolutionary War Pension Records.

Military history of Rowland Cotton, a soldier of the REVOLUTIONARY WAR.

Dates of enlistment
or appointment
Length of Service Rank Captain under whom
service was rendered
Colonel under whom
service was rendered
Dec. 1775 to Feb. 1777 Private Stephen Brown John Durkee,
--Knowlton's Rangers
March 1, 1777 to April 1780 Private,
1st sergeant
Stephen Brown,
Beriah Bell,
Lemuel Clift
John Durkee Conn
Spring 1781 to June 1783 1st sergeant Lemuel Clift Thomas Grosvenor,
Alexander Hamilton
--Light Infantry,
Zebulon Smith Butler

Battles engaged in: Harlem Heights, Trenton, Princeton, Germantown, Fort Mifflin (Mud Island), Monmouth, siege and surrender of Yorktown.

Residence of soldier at enlistment: Pomfret, Connecticut

Date of application for pension: April 13, 1818. His claim was allowed.

Residence at date of application: Buffalo, New York

Age at date of application: 79 years. March 22, 1838, resided at Attica, New York.

Remarks: He also served in the War of 1812, from Dec. 16, 1813 to Jan. 26, 1814 as Captain & Acting Brigade Quartermaster under Brig. General Timothy S. Hopkins New York Militia, and sustained wound of knee in retreat from Black Rock, December 30, 1813.

Rowland Cotton died June 13, 1848 in Genesee Co., New York, leaving no widow but the following children only in 1851: Samuel Cotton, Mary Cotton, Daniel H. Cotton, Elijah Cotton H. Cotton and Lester Cotton. There is no further family data on file.

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