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1. Branson Dennis and Elma Reynolds Marriage Certificate. This is the original Quaker marriage certificate dated May 20, 1840.

2. John Cotton's gravestone, at King's Chapel and Burying Ground, Boston, Massachusetts.

3. Family reminiscences written by Irene (Paul) Williams in 1981.

4. Biography of Kate Morton Amsden, by her granddaughter, Gladys Hedman Keller, 1950.

5. "A Little Family History," prepared and read by Alpheus L. Baldwin at the Branson and Elma Dennis Reunion, held at the old homestead, August 12, 1923.

6. Memorial of Jesse Johnson and Elizabeth Chamness, included in the records of the Cherry Grove (Indiana) Monthly Meeting.

7. Wedding announcement of Rowland Amsden Clemens and Mary Joan Focht, from the Dayton, Ohio, newspaper, about February 16, 1951.

8. A memorial of Fermen Focht, by a committee of the Randolph County, Indiana, Bar Association, apparently written shortly after his death.

9. Joseph and Phoebe Allen obituaries, by Lennie Allen McNeese.

10. Wegener - Paul Marriage Anouncement, a Wright City, MO, newpaper article on the marriage of Iora Paul and Arthur Wegener. Shortly after August 23, 1950.

11. Amalia Paul Obituary, a Wright City, MO, newpaper obituary of Amalia "Mollie" Paul. Shortly after December 23, 1923.

12. "McGregor Sand Artist", by Marian Carroll Rischmueller. A magazine article about Andrew Clemens.

13. Letter from C. S. Amsden to Abbie and Bill Donohue, which includes details of the family's relationship to Clara Barton.

14. An autobiography of C. S. Amsden, written July 2, 1938, with additional notes compiled by Averil Amsden-Ross in January 1947.

15. A biography of Lee Amsden, written by his granddaughter L.F. Keller, published in the Milbank, S.D., newspaper, November 1937.

16. "A Trip to San Blas," an account of a trip to the San Blas Islands of Panama, written by Cecil Clemens, about 1930.

17. A Letter from Momoo (Mary Allen Johnson) to Ann Clemens Arnold, written February 3, 1965, which includes some childhood reminiscences.

18. A Letter from Thomas Cotton to Bibye S. Cotton, dated February 26, 1795, which contains genealogical information about the Cotton family.

19. A Letter from W. A. Cotton to Edith Jameson Clemens, dated March 30th, 1917, containing information about Rowland Cotton, a soldier in the Revolutionary War.

20. A Buffalo newspaper article about Admiral Charles Stanhope Cotton.

21. Poems of Anne Bradstreet.

22. A Panama Herald newspaper article about Cecil Clemens' work as a chemist in the Panama Canal Zone.

23. A newspaper extract and letter from Rowland Clemens to Ann Clemens, about Rowland Clemens' activities during the D-Day invasion of World War II.

24. A letter from Alice Clemens to her sister Abbie Donohue, dated 1929, which includes a reference to Charles Lindbergh.

25. A letter from Galen Amsden to his brother Lee Amsden, dated 1901, from Stillwater, Minnesota.

26. A contract between Cemantha Cotton and her son Lester L. Cotton, dated 1854, concerning the terms under which Lester will farm on land belonging to Cemantha.

27. Pension documents of Lavina Zimmerman, widow of Civil War veteran Alfred C. Focht. Photocopies of documents were obtained from the National Archives and Records Administration.

28. Newspaper article from a Vermillion, South Dakota newspaper, mid-September 1927, about an assault on Cecil and Alice Clemens in the Panama Canal Zone.

29. A letter from Cecil Clemens to Frank Clemens, Edith Clemens, and Abbie Amsden, dated October 14, 1927, concerning an assault on him and his wife, Alice Clemens.

30. A Des Moines Register Newspaper article dated September 16, 1962, about the donation of an Andrew Clemens sandbottle to the state of Iowa.

31. A letter dated Jan. 27, 1923, from C.A. Cotton to Edith (Jameson) Clemens, about genealogical research he was doing on the Cotton family.

32. "Recollections of the Arnold Family", Ancestors and Children of Moses Arnold, as Gathered by Jesse Arnold, 1889.

33. "The Arnold Family History, Part II", by James Stuart Arnold, 1944. A continuation of "Recollections of the Arnold Family" by Jesse Arnold (see above).

34. Pension application of Rowland Cotton, from the National Archives, which details his service in the Revolutionary War.

35. DAR application data, taken from Edith Clemens' DAR application and Department of Interior Revolutionary War Pension Records, detailing the Revolutionary War record of Rowland Cotton.

36. Extracts from "The Life and Works of Thomas Dudley, The Second Governor of Massachusetts," by Augustine Jones. Published by Houghton, Mifflin and Company, Boston and New York, 1899.

37. Pension Affadavit of Freeman M. Jameson taken on December 20, 1872 regarding his service in the Civil War.

38. Short biography of Allen Riley Hiatt , from "Portrait and Biographical Record, Randolph County, Indiana", by A.W. Bowen & Co.

39. Short biography of Edwin J. Hiatt , from "Portrait and Biographical Record, Randolph County, Indiana", by A.W. Bowen & Co.

40. Short biography of Isaac V.D.R. Johnson , from "Portrait and Biographical Record, Randolph County, Indiana", by A.W. Bowen & Co.

41. Short biography of John Pegg , from "Portrait and Biographical Record, Randolph County, Indiana", by A.W. Bowen & Co.

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