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The following is the Pension Affidavit of Freeman M. Jameson taken on December 20, 1872 regarding his service in the Civil War.

The State of Iowa
Jackson County

On this 20th day of December AD 1872 personally appeared before me E.J. Holmes, clerk of the District Court, the same being a court of Record for and in the County and State of Iowa. Freeman M. Jameson who being by me duly sworn upon oath declares: that he is aged thirty-four years; that he is the identical Freeman M. Jameson who enlisted under the name of Freeman M. Jameson in the military service of the United States at Bellevue, Jackson Co. Iowa on the 24th day of June AD 1861 in Co. "I" 5th Regiment Iowa Infantry Volunteers in the war of 1861 and was honorably discharged on the 13th day of July AD 1864. That his personal description is as follows: age 34 years, height five feet nine inches, Complexion light, hair dark, eyes blue. That while in the service aforesaid and in the line of his duty, he received the following disability and was treated there from in the following named Hospital to wit: Estes Hospital at Keokuk, Iowa. On or about the 19th of September AD 1862 claimant was engaged with his Company & Regiment at the battle of Iuka Mississippi and in said engagement became very much heated & the night following was compelled to lay upon the ground from which he caught a severe cold which settled upon his lungs and soon the said claimant from the said cold came into lungs or chills & fever & claimant further says that the said disease continued to trouble him until the date of his discharge & lungs very much effected. That since leaving the service the said complaint has continued to trouble the claimant & rendered him unfit to perform manual labor to exceed one half what he was accustomed to do before enlistment.

That since leaving the service of the United States applicant has resided at Cottonville, Jackson Co., Iowa and his occupation has been farming what he was able to do. That he hereby appoints Benjamin F. Thomas of Andrew Jackson Co. Iowa his attorney to prosecute his claim. That he has never received or applied for a pension, that his residence is Cottonville, Jackson Co., & his Post Office address is Cottonville, Jackson Co., Iowa.

Freeman M. Jameson

The Muster Rolls from Freeman M. Jameson's Civil War military record show that he was sick in the hospital at Keokuk, Iowa from October 16, 1862 through April 1, 1863. During that time he was promoted from private to corporal.

The following is information from Freeman M. Jameson's Civil War military record



Name: Freeman M. Jameson

Rank: Corpl., Company I , Regiment 5 , Arm., Inf., State, Iowa

Place of casualty, Champions Hill

Nature of casualty, Wounded

Date of casualty, --- May 16, 1863

From what source this information was obtained:

Report of Killed, Wounded, and Missing of the 5 Iowa Regiment, 3 Brigade, 7 Division, 17 Corps, dated ----- Army Corps., Dept of the Tennessee near Vicksburg in June 1863. By Jos. B. McPherson, Maj. Genl.

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