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The following letter was written to Lee Amsden from his brother Galen. The stationery letterhead reads:

Mrs. Albert Lee, proprietor
124 North Third Street

Stillwater, Minn., Sept. 30, 1901

My Dear Brother

I will send you a few lines to let you know how I am getting along. I have felt a good deal better most of the time this fall except when I have the headaches such as you had and then I am laid up three or four days and it seems hard to get rid of them. Some times I have them every day for 3 or 4 days before they will let up. When you gave me the recipe that cured you I was using something else that seemed to do me good at that time and I did not try your remedy and have lost the recipe and now I wish you would send it to me and how to prepare it and the dose and how often to take it when the headache comes on or right along and how long you took it. I can get relief by taking Bromo seltzer but it is only temporary. I think the headache is more rheumatic than anything else it seems to me so I wish you would write me as fully as you can about it. I have worked evenings on the street with my telescope and made a little money this fall. I hope to be able to do something this winter at something. I had a letter from mother and I must answer it tomorrow. Her arm bothers her. I hope Casper is getting better give my love to him and to all the folks, yours and Cassius' families.

Your Brother,
Galen Amsden

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