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From the records of the Cherry Grove (Indiana) Monthly Meeting

Jesse & Elizabeth Johnson

These dear friends were among the first settlers of Lynn Preparative Meeting, and among the most useful members every way. Elizabeth was appointed to the atation of elder in 1821, and Jesse in 1826. Jesse Johnson was appointed Treasurer of Randolph County, Indiana, in very early times and held this office for several years. It was said of him that his accounts were always in proper order. They were both very helpful in the organization of new meetings, and in assisting new comers to this wilderness country. Elizabeth Johnson died Sixth Month, 20th, 1827 in the 48th year of her age. After her death, Jesse was married to Rhoda Worth Swain of Springfield Monthly Meeting, Indiana and after a union of a few years she was removed by death in 1837. During her life she was a valuable help mate and filled important positions in the church. She was appointed to the station of elder in 1836; she also served as clerk for both the monthly meeting and Quarterly meeting. After her death Jesse Johnson removed to Westfield Monthly Meeting, Hamilton County, Indiana and died there Fifth Month, 19th, 1856.

"The following year after the death of his second wife Jesse Johnson married Nancy Ward Tomlinson, and nine years later she died. In 1855 he married Sarah Baldwin."

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