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(The following is an interesting letter written by W.A. Cotton to Edith Clemens. I believe W.A.Cotton must have been a cousin of hers.)

Nebraska City, Neb.
March 30th, 1917

Mrs. Edith Clemens
Sioux Falls, S.Dak.

Dear Mrs. Clemens,

My brother, Holton, forwarded your letter to me, asking me to give the information asked for. Yes, you are eligible to membership in the Order of the D.A.R.

Daniel Cotton's father, Captain Rowland Cotton, was a soldier, in the Revolutionary War, but what rank he bore there, I do not know, but he was called Captain, by all who knew him, in later life and you can get the desired information, by writing to the War Department in Washington, D.C.

He spent the last few years of life with his son, Elijah Cotton, in Attica, New York and I remember when a very small boy, of sitting at his knee, and listening to his very interesting stories, of the war. Mr. Elijah Cotton and Daniel Cotton were brothers and I knew both of them.

As for me, I lately passed my 84th birthday, and am in fairly good health, and able to drive my car, but my sight is very poor, as I am unable to read a word and can see only to write in this manner and even make many mistakes as you will discover.

Brother Holton is in very poor health, and says he is gradually failing, but is able to get about and he has some good days, and some bad days.

I would be pleased to hear from you at any time.

Very truly yours,
W.A. Cotton

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