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Amalia "Mollie" Elisa Meyer

December 2, 1875
December 23, 1928
John Henrietta Meyer

Brothers and Sisters:
Herman John Meyer
Chris Meyer
William Meyer
Frederich George Paul
m. September 4, 1895
Irene Engel Paul
Iona Clara Elizabeth Paul
Fredel Carl Herman Paul
Firdel William Paul
Iora Bertha Paul
Ire Lydia Paul
Ivalette Frances Mollie Paul
Fayette Frederich Paul
Follis Scott Paul
Farley Henry Paul
Fenworth Lee Paul
Festus Wade Paul

Additional Information:
"These children [Amalia and her brothers] attended the old Block School (which was located about three miles west of Warrenton) where there were classes in both English and German (mornings were devoted to reading German, and the afternoons to studying English). Going as far in this school as she could, Mother [Amalia] then enrolled at Central Wesleyan Academy at Warrenton, Missouri, where she worked in the dormitory for her board and tuition."

-- Excerpt from the memoirs of Irene (Paul) Williams'. For complete text of the memoirs, click here.

Memoirs of Irene (Paul) Williams.

Memoirs of Irene (Paul) Williams.
Amalia Paul Obituary, a Wright City, MO, newpaper obituary of Amalia "Mollie" Paul.

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16 July 1999

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