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Frederich George Paul

October 6, 1861
April 13, 1952
John Frederich Paul

Engel Bromeyer
Brothers and Sisters:
Elizabeth Paul
Mary Paul
John F. W. Paul
Amalia "Mollie" Elisa Meyer
m. September 4, 1895
Irene Engel Paul
Iona Clara Elizabeth Paul
Fredel Carl Herman Paul
Firdel William Paul
Iora Bertha Paul
Ire Lydia Paul
Ivalette Frances Mollie Paul
Fayette Frederich Paul
Follis Scott Paul
Farley Henry Paul
Fenworth Lee Paul
Festus Wade Paul

Additional Information:
"Frederich George and his sisters Elizabeth and Mary, attended local public schools, and received a fair elementary education. They also attended confirmation school, and each one was confirmed in and became a member of the Strack's Church (Harmonie Evangelical Church, located five miles southwest of Wright City, Missouri)."

-- Excerpt from the memoirs of Irene (Paul) Williams'. For complete text of the memoirs, click here.

Memoirs of Irene (Paul) Williams.

Memoirs of Irene (Paul) Williams.
Amalia Paul Obituary, a Wright City, MO, newpaper obituary of Amalia "Mollie" Paul.
Wegener - Paul Marriage Anouncement, a Wright City, MO, newpaper article on the marriage of Iora Paul and Arthur Wegener.

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16 July 1999

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